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Habitarium [In-depth Tips & Tricks]

Posted by in on 6-12-13

Habitarium [In-depth Tips & Tricks]

Habitarium [In-depth Tips & Tricks]

In this guide, I will be going in-depth and shed light on some quirky tips & tricks within Habitarium on Neopets. It may come off as longwinded, but it is also my intention here to demystify in detail, the reasoning behind many peculiar things that go unexplained within your Habitarium.

Table of Contents:

  1. Soldier Placements
  2. Petpetpet Strategies
  3. Resource Spending
  4. Buildings Organization
  5. Misc Tips & Tricks
  6. Current Lockouts


I. Soldier Placements

Soldiers are not limited to fixing buildings they stand right beside of. They are in fact capable of repairing buildings two spaces away from them as well as fixing buildings diagonally! So keep this in mind when placing your soldiers around your farm.

When removing your Soldiers from their Barracks (Barracks tend to recover Soldiers faster!) or Houses, why not place them at strategic spots right from the start rather than placing them randomly on your farm? You can help them help you by straightaway placing them beside buildings that require repairs. Be aware that when you place multiple Soldiers this way at the same spot, they will most likely be repairing the same building. So what this means is that if you have two or more buildings in that area that require fixing, only one of those buildings will probably get fixed. Therefore it is better to place your soldiers at different spots when you take them out.

One annoying thing about Habitarium is that if you notice, all your Soldiers usually end up at one corner of your farm. This can be annoying since there may be buildings on the other sides that require fixing and never get fixed eventually until you place your Soldiers near them. So it might be another wise choice to try to always place your soldiers at the opposite area to where they annoying love to end up at.


II. Petpetpet Strategies

Try to stick to one Petpetpet species! Unless you would rather have a variety of Petpetpets out on your Habitarium farm, it might prove to be easier to manage with just a single Petpetpet species. By this I don’t mean the Petpetpet type (Soldier/Worker/Nester), what I’m referring to is to the Mootix/Larnikin/Pinchit species. This is more easily achievable during the higher levels. As always, do also keep in mind that workers yield the most EXP per second – so if you’re still undecided as to whether or not to focus on harvesting or nesting, I would suggest sticking to majority of your farm to hold workers, and only a handful of Soldiers/Nesters – possibly 3-5 of each depending on your style of play. Additionally, my recommendation would be to upgrade your Petpetpets soon as you are allowed to. Although yes, it is a very minor increase in their attributes, it is a worthwhile investment in the long run. They stay upgraded as long as you’re using the same Petpetpet species so once you’ve upgraded them for the first time, rest assured, they’ll forever stay at that upgrade level!


III. Resource Spending
As far as I know, building nests will yield you the best resource to EXP ratio (0.0833 EXP per resource). Plus, once you have the nests built, they give EVEN BETTER ratios when you upgrade them (0.1111 EXP per resource). Out of my own convenience, I usually just upgrade my nests all the way to level 3 but this is of course up to you, whatever suits your playing style. You could keep buying and discarding level 1 nests if you feel that’s more comfortable for you, or you could just upgrade them to level 2 before discarding them as well.

Unless you’re really lazy and choose to waste resources, purchasing and upgrading barracks is probably the fastest way to get rid of your resources, but keep in mind, this isn’t the best way to spend your resources!


IV. Buildings Organization

If you are organized and want to keep track of which buildings are at which particular level, you can purchase 3 different types of ink: Blue, Red, and Yellow. Then to keep track of level 1 buildings, you could, say, keep them at their natural color. For level 2 buildings, you could label them with Yellow ink, level 3 buildings with Red ink, and for when new building levels are released, you could start using Blue ink for level 4s, and then hope that TNT will also release a more varied set of ink colors for us to use. Alternatively, you could come up with your own system, for example: Natural colors for level 1-2s, Yellow ink for level 3-4s, Red ink for level 5-7s, Blue ink for level 8-10s – whatever strategy you feel most comfortable with. And again, this is totally optional but it’s great for keeping everything organized in case who knows how TNT might plan to change the game later on and this might prove to become a useful asset for you.



V. Misc Tips & Tricks
  • Try not to keep your Habitarium open for an extended period of time without any Soldiers out on your farm as pests would love to come destroy all your buildings and resources as such times!
  • When you are browsing the pages of your bag and would like to revert back to the first page of a category, instead of clicking the arrows at the bottom, you can just click the corresponding category icon on the left side and that will take you straight to the first page!
  • If you are unprepared for the pest attack, you can try quickly refreshing your Habitarium and there is a chance it will seem as if they hadn’t actually come!
  • If you are upgrading your buildings and don’t want to wait out the upgrading progress bar, you can go ahead and refresh your Habitarium and your buildings would immediately show up as already upgraded to the next level!


VI. Current Lockouts

As of now, the 60+ page bag lockout might actually be fixed. From my own personal experience, some people, including myself, have probably 80+ pages of stuff stored in our bags and have not been locked out for a good few weeks now. Currently, I believe the only major concern for a lockout is the infamous Gem lockout. So just try your very best to not refresh/close your Habitarium when you have a full farm of Purple Gems!


Thanks for reading and really do hope this enhances your Habitarium experience!

Comments/suggestions are more than welcome! If I get a lot of good feedback from this I’ll probably be motivated to keep this updated for you all with more tips & tricks alongside the current Habitarium trends when TNT continues to release new features!

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