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Submission Guidelines

To submit an application for a new listing, follow these guidelines:

1. Click the ‘Submit a New Listing’ button to the right.

2. Enter a subject title for your listing. (For example, “Altador Cup ” or “Habitarium [In-depth Tips & Tricks]“)

3. Enter your content in the description. This would generally be a brief overview of what your guide is all about, (for example, “Global Altador Cup Rankings!” or “Soldier Placements,¬†Petpetpet Strategies, Resource Spending, Buildings Organization, Current Lockouts, and more!”), followed by the full CSS/HTML/JavaScript of your guide. We will have to look over your submission and make sure that there is nothing malicious and, once approved, it will be displayed live on our site! Depending on the length of your submission, it may take a day or two to process. If you require more than CSS/HTML/JavaScript, for example PHP, please drop us a message at!

4. You may also wish to include an image. *Important: Image size MUST be 230×200, otherwise the formatting will be off!

5. You may include any related tags to your submission.

We may occasionally set a guide to be featured! We will monitor all guide submissions that come in and if you’d also like to nominate a guide to be featured, feel free to contact us at!